List of Skyrim Spells and Dawnguard Spells - Powers, Words Of Power for Dragon Shouts, Blessings & More
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Form IDNameEditor NameCostType
0010A766Agent of DibellaT01DibellaRewardAbilityActive Effect
0010EB60Ancient KnowledgeMS04RewardActive Effect
0006A104Arniel's ConvectionMGRArnielSpell1Spell - Destruction
0008C1ABBane of the UndeadBaneoftheUndead988Spell - Restoration
0006D22CBanish DaedraBanishDaedra196Spell - Conjuration
00092C48Beast FormWerewolfChangePower
000FB988Blessing of AkatoshAltarAkatoshSpellActive Effect
000FB994Blessing of ArkayAltarArkaySpellActive Effect
02011360Blessing of AurielDLC1AltarAurielSpellActive Effect
000FB995Blessing of DibellaAltarDibellaSpellActive Effect
000FB996Blessing of JulianosAltarJulianosSpellActive Effect
000FB997Blessing of KynarethAltarKynarethSpellActive Effect
000FB998Blessing of MaraAltarMaraSpellActive Effect
Console CommandAddSpell
Usageplayer.addspell formID
player.removespell formID
player.teachword formID
Exampleplayer.addspell 7e8e4
player.removespell b877c
player.teachword 13e22
DescriptionAddSpell will add the specified magic item to your Magic menu.
RemoveSpell will remove the specified magic item from your Magic menu.
TeachWord will teach you a Word of Power. Teaching the first Word will add the Shout to the menu, but you still have to unlock each Word using a Dragon Soul.
Leading zeroes in the IDs do not need to be typed in.
Dragon SoulsTo change how many Dragon Souls you have, type player.modav dragonsouls quantity, where quantity will be added (or subtracted, with a negative number) to how many you currently have.
BlessingsBlessings are special spells - when you trigger an altar, the altar casts the spell on you. If you use the addspell command with blessings, the blessing will be added to your magic menu, not cast on you. Once you have blessing spells in your magic menu, you won't be able to cast them on yourself, because they have very high costs. I don't know of a working console command to cast blessings on yourself, so there isn't really a practical way to use their codes in the console.
HelpYou can open the console in Skyrim on the PC by pressing the tilde ~ key. Using Skyrim's console will not affect Steam achievements. Always be careful when using the console!
DLC CodesThe first two digits of the Form IDs for DLC codes are shown in red. That's because these numbers will change based on your DLC and mod load order. The numbers shown are the default numbers with no user mods and all official DLC installed.

Using magic and spells in Skyrim is a popular play style that many gamers enjoy. In addition to spells that the player can use, the Magic menu also includes all effects (magical or otherwise) currently affecting the player. These effects include blessings from Standing Stones, diseases, bonuses to your character determined by your character's race, as well as extra bonuses gained through quests. Dragon Shouts, a unique ability added to Skyrim as part of the story, are also unlocked and selected in the Magic menu. Skyrim introduced the ability to dual wield spells, having a different spell in each hand, or the same spell in both hands, which increases the power of that spell.

Skyrim is an action-adventure role playing game created by Bethesda Softworks available for PC, Xbox and PS3. The first DLC for this game, Dawnguard, is available now for Xbox and PC. Console commands can only be used on the PC version of the game. Skyrim is © 2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company.