Short List of Common Skyrim Console Commands
The Skyrim console can be opened when playing Skyrim on PC by pressing the tilde ~ key on your keyboard. This key is normally to the left of the 1.

Unlike the Fallout games, using console commands in Skyrim will NOT prevent you from getting Steam achievements.

When a console command in this list has an alias, the alias can be used instead of the full command, to make it faster to type.
AliasConsole CommandDescription
cocCenterOnCellTeleports you instantly to any named cell, including both interior and exterior cells. You may think that some "exterior" cells are actually interiors, however they are classed as exterior if they don't belong to the primary Skyrim worldspace. To teleport to any cell in Skyrim, type "coc cellcode". Click here for a list of all cell codes.
cowCenterOnWorldTeleports you instantly to any exterior cell in a given world space. To teleport to any exterior cell in Skyrim, type "cow worldname X Y". Click here for a list of all cell world spaces and cell coordinates.
AddPerkA targeted command that adds a perk. If adding a ranked perk, you must add the ranks in order. To add a perk to your character, type "player.addperk formid". Click here for the perk list.
AddItemA targeted command that adds an item. To add an item to your inventory, type "player.additem formID quantity". Click here for the list of general items (including Potions, Ingredients, Food, Dragon Claws, Soul Gems, Scrolls and more). Click here for the list of Apparel (including Armor, Clothes, Amulets, Rings and more). Click here for the list of Weapons. Click here for the list of Books (including Skill Books and Spell Tomes).
AddSpellA targeted command that adds anything the game considers a spell (including Spells, Powers and Active Effects). To add a spell to your character, type "player.addspell formid".
RemoveSpellA targeted command that removes anything the game considers a spell (including Spells, Powers and Active Effects). To remove a spell from your character, type "player.removespell formid".
PlaceAtMeA targeted command that spawns a new instance (a new copy) of any item or any AI (including animals, enemies, and named NPCs). Not recommended for use with named NPCs. Type "player.placeatme baseID" to spawn the item or the AI. For the list of all NPC codes, check out the Actors page.
pridPickRefByIDA command that selects any in-game item or NPC by Reference ID. Type "prid refID" and then "moveto player" to move any item or NPC to your current location.
modavModActorValueA targeted command that permanently changes an attribute. For example, "player.modav carryweight 3000" will add 3000 to your current carrying capacity. A negative number will subtract that value from the attribute.

Another example is "player.modav dragonsouls 50".
UnLockUnlocks the currently selected object.
LockLocks the currently selected object with a skill level between 1 and 100. Anything over 100 will require a key. 0 or no number will use the object's last value. For example, "lock 75" will lock the object at Expert level.
tmmShowAllMapMarkersShows or hides all map markers. Type "tmm 1" to show, "tmm 0" to hide. Type "help tmm 0" in the console for more options.
tgToggleGrassToggles grass display.
tmToggleMenusShows or hides all interface elements, including the console and all menus. Useful for taking screenshots. Type "tm" in the console, then press ~ to exit the console, then play, then press ~ to enter the console again, then type "tm" to show the interface again.
tgmToggleGodModeToggles God mode.
tclToggleCollisionToggles no clipping, allowing you to fly and move through objects.
tfcToggleFlyCamToggles a free flying camera. This command is useful for taking screenshots of your character.
tfc 1ToggleFlyCamBy adding the optional 1 to the tfc command, your character and NPCs will freeze in place.
sucsmSetUFOCamSpeedMultThis sets the speed multiplier of the free flying camera. For example, "sucsm .5" would be half speed, and "sucsm 2" would be twice the speed.
fovSetCameraFOVChanges the player's first person field of view. The default is 75. For example, type "fov 90" for a wider field of view.
This page lists the most common console commands for Skyrim. If you know of a popular or useful command that should be included, please let me know. These commands help players, in some cases, fix bugs or cheat with god mode and other useful cheats while playing the game. The console is a popular feature left active by the developers of many video games and computer games. Skyrim is an action-adventure role playing game created by Bethesda Softworks available for PC, Xbox and PS3. The first two DLCs for this game, Dawnguard and Hearthfire, are available now for Xbox and PC. Console commands can only be used on the PC version of the game. Skyrim is © 2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company.